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Jul 11

Data Centres. Do it yourself or colocate?

Sooner or later all companies will need a data centre; but when that realisation is made they are faced with one big question: should they keep it in-house, or should they colocate their data centre with a specialist data centre provider?

To help with this decision, we have produced a white paper: The Data Centre Buyer’s Guide: Time to come out of the closet? With an introduction from our specialist Commercial Director Raj Bosamia, it discusses why you need a data centre, followed by the advantages of developing your own in-house and the advantages of colocating. If you decide to go with in-house, it discusses the issues you need to consider. If you decide to colocate, it discusses what you might expect, and culminates in a checklist of requirements to help you choose the right colocation provider.

One of the strongest reasons for keeping your data centre in-house is the psychological need for belief in control. We discuss the subjective and objective rationale behind this drive, and conclude that it is only really valid for the very largest international conglomerates – and we explain why.

We then examine the advantages of colocation: guaranteed power uptime, guaranteed Internet uptime, physical security, environmental control, cost advantages and more. But not all data centre providers are equal, so if you decide on this route, the paper then presents a checklist of the features and services you should demand from a provider. Things like guarantees built into a Service Level Agreement (SLA), track record, a willingness to understand your business and be a proactive partner and not just a supplier of floor space. And above all the flexibility and knowledge to provide what you want when you need it, not some prepackaged offering that could be either more or less than ideal; and finally a growth route for future expansion or development into virtualisation, or partially or fully managed services.

Deciding that you need to rationalise disparate and dispersed computing facilities into a central data centre is the easy part. Choosing how to do it, and where to go is the hard bit. But get your decisions right from the beginning and you’ll have a data centre fully fit for purpose, cost-efficent and cost-effective for now and the future. This paper guides you through the steps. Download it now, and choose the right path.

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